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Patient perspectives on gluten grain intolerances and sensitivities

including the celiac disease subset,

and the risks of gluten challenges for diagnostic purposes.


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Food Is Confusing!


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Sorting Out Nutrition Issues

Why is it all so confusing? 


Note:  The first 3.5 minutes of this presentation are computer animations and actual photos of living body machinery, particularly of the bacterial flagellum (an "outboard motor" mechanism that propels the bacterium through body fluid.  Relax and be amazed.


Handout articles:

Resources Booklet

Ancient Dietary Wisdom for Tomorrow's Children

Weston A. Price Brochure


Presentation by Mrs. Olive Kaiser, M.O.M. at the

Green Earth Organic Fair, Naperville, Illinois

May, 2009


The above clip of of body machinery (bacterial flagellum)

is found on the DVD

 "Unlocking the Mystery of Life"

It can be purchased here, here, and here   Parts of this clip are also posted on




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Welcome to The Gluten

(The Gluten Syndrome defined on this site: "any adverse reaction to gluten grains")

An overview and comparison of current viewpoints.


 NOTE:  A new, up to date article with references, has been added February 4, 2015.

Molecular Mimicry and How It Relates to the Gluten Syndrome


This website contrasts diverse perspectives of the Gluten Syndrome, it's best known subset, celiac disease,  and related food reactivities. Please read  Nine Crucial Points below before entering the rest of the site.


Most gluten information is published by medical centers, support organizations or food vendors.  A few websites and patient forums represent the largest laboratory of all, i.e. the gluten syndrome community at home, school, work, play or church.  Each resource provides balance in your search for information.

.4 crucial points top bookmark

This referenced website is patient owned, family supported, and reports the state of the gluten syndrome community from a patient perspective. It is the aftermath of our 22 year old daughter’s serious reaction to a gluten challenge*in 2003. The research and information we found as we pieced together the “whys” of this avoidable incident is the information we share here.  We hope these perspectives help others wisely manage their diagnosis process, enjoy improved health, and avoid the pitfalls and misperceptions we encountered.


* A "gluten challenge" means that a person who has not eaten gluten grains for some time resumes eating them for several weeks or months in order to be tested for adverse reactions to gluten.




Nine crucial points

we wish we'd understood

when we first learned about gluten and celiac disease.  



1) There are researched points of view with a wider scope than the celiac story.  More...

2) Some researchers believe gluten most often damages other tissues, organs, nerves or even nerves in the gut, beside the villi, meaning NOT NECESSARILY including the villi. In these cases villi biopsy is negative.  More...

3) Published literature proposes that many gluten syndrome patients do NOT have elevated tTG (a commonly used screener), AND there are many significant gluten related antibodies that are not checked in today's standard tests, including gluten itself. More...

 4) Some researchers say other foods may cross react with gluten antibodies.  More...

  5) A gluten challenge for "villi damaged celiac" subset diagnosis may be futile and risky even if the patient already knows gluten gives him problems.  More...

6) Indiscriminate, repeated gluten indiscretions may eventually cause serious physical and neurological damage/psychiatric symptoms and study indicates higher mortality rates. More...

7. Some researchers and professionals believe the brain and nervous system are particularly susceptible to gluten damage and that nerves may be silenced by this damage. More...


8. Rarely a patient may experience temporary symptoms that resemble "withdrawal" near the start of a gluten free diet. More...

9. The Standard American Processed Gluten Free Diet alone is often NOT a magic bullet in the long run. More...


More details and references here for  "9 Crucial Points we wish we had understood".



Best Gluten Syndrome

Resources and Updates


These resources are particularly important for negative celiac testers and persons investigating gluten reactivity, now aptly named

"The Gluten Syndrome". 


These are the resources that present a wider perspective of the gluten syndrome beyond "villi damage" celiac focused literature.

This website has no financial interest in the products and services featured anywhere on this site.






FREE Landmark Online Gluten Summit

29 Expert Scientists, Practitioners, Nutritionists, etc.

all interviewed by Dr. Thomas O'Bryan DC, CCN, DACBN

November 11 - 17, 2013


This is an awesome, FREE opportunity to learn cutting edge information on the wider perspective of the gluten syndrome beyond celiac disease (includes the celiac disease subset).


This FREE Gluten Summit moderated by Dr. Thomas O'Bryan starts November 11 - 17. Dr. O'Bryan has presented countless research reviews of the medical literature published in respected journals. He has crisscrossed the country, not only here in the US, but internationally, over the past 5 years, training practitioners and speaking to many support groups. He is the ideal choice to interview this impressive lineup of researchers, scientists, practitioners, nutritionists, etc. If you have wondered what the big deal is with gluten, or if possibly you or someone you know have challenges with gluten to investigate, or you have received a negative gluten test but question it (they are very often false negative), or you need help implementing this life change, then this is the summit to tap into to get the latest scoop. And it's FREE. Register now.  This could save your life or mind or the life or mind of someone you love. 











See you at this FREE summit.


Note: In the very first exception ever, clicking the above links may contribute in a small way to the support of this family funded website.  Funding issues in no way influence our hearty support of this event and trust it will bless your family.





NEWS!!  Cyrex Labs is open January 11, 2011.  They offer detailed gluten related antibody panels, intestinal permeability panels and cross reactive foods panels.  More information and details coming asap.


January, 2010 - Dr Thomas O'Bryan talk - "Inflammation" with intro by Sueson Vess on "Cancer and Sugar"  Given for the Wheaton, IL Gluten Free Support Group.  If you are having problems cutting out sugar Sueson will set you on the "straight and narrow".  Sueson pulled no punches, and Dr. O'Bryan followed up with why. No presentation slides.


"Inflammation" mp3  "Sugar and Cancer"  mp3

"Inflammation" wav  "Sugar and Cancer"  wav


Note on sugar replacement: Unheated honey, (ie not above about 93 degrees, as opposed to the "raw" standard, 160 degrees), used in moderation, provides many beneficial and even medicinal properties.  However, some folks with yeast overgrowth limit or avoid even unheated honey until the overgrowth clears. (Some researchers theorize that heavy metals may trigger yeast overgrowth.)


September 19, 2009  - Latest O'Bryan audio with Dr. John Wycoff


June 13, 2009 -  Dr. Thomas O'Bryan DC, CCN, DABCN audio update download

                           Unlocking the Secrets of Gluten Sensitivity  (Click to download MP3)

This 110 minute update was given November 21, 2008 to a  support group in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Thanks to Greg Petersen (Nutrition Dynamics for recording this audio.


For the best understanding of this talk, access to the presentation slides is recommended. Many of the these slides are shown on the DVD mentioned below "Unlocking the Mystery of Wheat and Gluten Sensitivity.  This basic DVD is highly recommended as well worth the $24 price, in addition to the audio downloads above which is are excellent updates of the DVD.   

These research reviews and updates are required for proper understanding of the significance of the gluten syndrome. The DVD is also a good visual foundation for spouses and friends.

(Correction: Kamut is a member of the wheat family and NOT OK on a gluten free diet.  The saliva test mentioned is not yet available.  Note: ANY negative gluten antibody test is always inconclusive as there are many more gluten related antibodies now in the process of discovery than there are tests developed at this time.)

NOTE:This website has no financial interest in ANY product or service mentioned on this site.




March, 2009 - New book, new DVD, and new O'Bryan speaking schedule


New Book! 

The Gluten Effect by Drs. Richard and Vikki Petersen


These HealthNow Medical Center practitioners perceive the Gluten Syndrome in a wider sense, far beyond the celiac perspective. They meet the gluten syndrome community realistically, and explain in simple terms the sinister interplay of the gluten effect on an astonishing number of body tissues and systems.

Furthermore, the Petersens  clarify important  nutritional issues, and help the reader transition into the gluten free diet.  Their teaching is personalized with real life stories of HealthNow patient recoveries from a myriad of gluten related maladies. This book uncovers in detail many unsuspected, and ominous aspects of a food we took for granted as the "staff of life" and is one of the most progressive gluten syndrome resources available today.  The Gluten Effect will illuminate a path to better health for countless patients who grapple with chronic and perplexing health challenges.  Order here




DVD available - 2008 Higher Truth of Health Conference by Dr. Ken Fine, Enterolab.

This is the April 2008 Taos, New Mexico conference.  Speakers include latest research from Dr. Ken Fine, Dr. Rodney Ford, Dr. Ron Hoggan, and many others.  Order by phone, 972-686-6869





Dr. O'Bryan speaking schedules for professionals and patients- 2009


Professionals - Nutrigenomic Therapies for Autoimmune Disease AND OTHER TOPICS

This day seminar covers food allergies, sensitivities, genetics & autoimmunity. 

Practitioners, don't miss it! Patients get your practitioner to attend!


Patients - Dr. O'Bryan often speaks to local support groups the evening before his lecture to professionals.  Be sure to engage him for your local group.  Topic for this year: Why Don't I Feel Better on a Gluten Free Diet?




January, 2009 - New book and new audio



New Book! -

Healthier Without Wheat 


A New Understanding of Wheat  

Allergies, Celiac Disease, and

Non Celiac Gluten Intolerance


Dr. Stephen Wangen,

The Gluten-Free Doctor,

  also author of The Irritable Bowel Syndrome Solution


This heavily referenced handbook is a welcome support for patients suffering the many silent and subtle or overt and often debilitating effects of the gluten syndrome.  Dr. Wangen is one of very few courageous authors who recognize and present the gluten syndrome in it's wider referenced context, beyond the celiac subset.  Additionally he offers treatment suggestions for complications  beyond the gluten free diet, and includes helpful food and vendor lists, disease lists, and other informational resources. Healthier Without Wheat is a gift to the gluten syndrome community which will positively redirect many confused and suffering non celiac gluten syndrome patients back to the help they seek in the face of false negative tests. Order here




New Audio - Dr. Thomas O'Bryan, DC, CCN DACBN, Chicago, IL


Click to download "Why Don't I feel Better on a Gluten Free diet?"*  Approx: 90 min -  includes Sueson Vess intro

January, 2009, Wheaton, IL  Patients with the gluten syndrome may have years of malnutrition and damage to address.  The disease process may have taken on a "life of it's own" beyond treatment with the gluten free diet only.  Dr. Tom tackles these issues and practical steps toward rebuilding health.

   * 30% of biopsy diagnosed celiacs need more than the the gluten free diet before they improve.




November, 2008 - New saliva home screener - 96% sensitive for 4 antibodies - $125



October, 2008  -   Fall seminar schedule for healthcare practitioners, and patients.


Unlocking the Secrets of Gluten Sensitivity

by Dr. Thomas O'Bryan


8 hour day seminar for healthcare practitioners


2 hour seminar for patients  (free 110 minute audio  here)

These research reviews and updates are required  for perspective of the significance of the gluten syndrome. This audio is featured above under June 13 also.

(Correction: kamut is a member of the wheat family and NOT OK on a gluten free diet.  Saliva test mentioned is not yet available.  Note: ANY negative gluten antibody test is inconclusive as there are many more gluten related antibodies now in the process of discovery than there are tests developed at this time.)



Seminars by Dr. Thomas O'Bryan


Sponsored by Metagenics, this vital and popular day seminar for healthcare practitioners is a startling gluten syndrome research review.  It contains incredible, vital and little known research and information and will put you on the cutting edge. This information fits the patient community like a glove.  Both of these seminars are worth the drive for both patients and practitioners.

Details for practitioners:




JUNE, 2008 - New audio presentation and research articles by Dr. Aristo Vojdani,   

                              Immunosciences Laboratories, Los Angeles, CA


The Role of Mucosal Immunity in Complex Diseases (Click for audio)

   (also see Medical Diagrams page Presentation slides


Presented at the Pan American Allergy Society,

Woodlands, Texas, March, 2008


Dr. Vojdani discusses the role of mucosal barriers in The Gluten Syndrome and related food reactivities. He also explains the consequences of cooking and processing on these foods and our reactions to them.


New Research Articles


The Immunology of Immediate and Delayed Hypersensitivity to Gluten  - Aristo Vojdani, PH.D, M.T., Thomas O'Bryan, D.C., C.C.N., DACBN.  European Journal of Inflammation, Full text here


The Immunology of Gluten Sensitivity Beyond the Intestinal Tract - Aristo Vojdani, PH.D, M.T., Thomas O'Bryan, D.C., C.C.N., DACBN   Full text here 




JANUARY, 2008 - DVD coming


Second Intestinal Health Institute Conference, Taos, New Mexico, April 3-6, 2008 


Dr. Kenneth Fine, owner of Enterolab, Dallas, Texas, and other speakers including Dr. Ron Hoggan, Educator, and Dr. Rodney Ford, Australia, bring their collective wisdom and important, highly relevant research reports to this informative and entertaining event.  Don't miss it!


A Health Conference to Educate, Entertain, and Enlighten You




NEW DVD! Relevant,  worthwhile!


DVD - Smarten Up! by Ron Hoggan, ED D

Book -  Dangerous Grains by Dr. James Braly, MD  and Ron Hoggan, Ed D


This DVD is a 3 lecture compilation presented to teachers at educational conferences in Canada.  Ron explains the neurology of the gluten syndrome and it's impact on children and adults. The referenced information is very helpful and in tune with research by Dr. Mario Hadjivassiliou and Dr. Aristo Vojdani PhD, MT.


Dr. James Braly, MD and Ron Hoggan also wrote Dangerous Grains, the book that pioneered the concept that gluten affects far more than the gut, most particularly the brain and nervous system.  Ron Hoggan is an educator and has the gluten syndrome himself.


Both Dangerous Grains and Smarten Up are available from,, and 





Book - The Gluten Connection by Shari Lieberman, PhD., CNS, FACN


The Gluten Connection is a forward thinking treatment of gluten reactivity and  brings the wider scope of "the gluten connection" into sharper focus. Shari addresses the non celiac  gluten syndrome phenomenon head on and her treatment of the issues fits the gluten reactive community.  This referenced book lays out the basics of "the gluten connection", many related diseases including neurological disorders, pets and gluten, and the business of adjusting to a new lifestyle, going gluten free.  A generous section of recipes are included to set the newbie on a delicious path to better health.


This perspective of the gluten syndrome meshes well with information presented by Dr. Aristo Vojdani, Dr. Thomas O'Bryan, Dr. Ken Fine,  Ron Hoggan and Mario Hadjivassiliou.


Available , and





June 2007


Animations of tight junctions and the role of zonulin in intestinal wall cells.  


This process is sometimes referred to as "leaky gut" and is thought to be involved in a number of adverse health conditions including allergies and intolerances.  These animations describe the process shown in the Medical Diagrams mentioned below. Special thanks to Alba Therapeutics for these animations.




 May, 2007


 Medical Diagrams with audio presentation


"Dietary Proteins and Peptides from Gastrointestinal to Neuroautoimmune Disorders"  Presented March , 2007, Pan American Allergy Society


Dr. Aristo Vojdani Ph.D., M.T.- Immunosciences Laboratories,

Beverly Hills, CA


Dr. Vojdani explains his diagrams of celiac disease, gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity and compares them to the normal healthy gut.  He also discusses his highly detailed Celiac Neuroautoimmune Test panel, (available Neuroimmunology Labs, WI), which includes the additional antibodies discussed below in the next link.  This is the same panel mentioned in the DVD "Unlocking the Mystery of Wheat and Gluten Intolerance".  These diagrams and audio presentation may be downloaded for use at Dr. visits and other educational purposes. 




June, 2006 


 More antibody tests & tests beyond the villi biopsy.  These include gluteomorphins, wheat (the whole kernel), and IgM tests for all gluten related antibodies, plus cross reactive food antibody tests, and target organ damage tests.  



 Stool antibody & general intestinal function research announcement


  More gluten reactivity genes  


Details and references? See "4 Crucial Points Explanation and  References"  and the "Testing" page, both also found on the next page.





New DVD's* - Crucial current gluten reactivity research overviews


DVD - Intestinal Health and Beyond Conference


Dr. Kenneth Fine, MD - March 2006 Enterolab stool testing research announcement  with additional speakers and features. A long awaited perspective sought by the gluten sensitive community.   Associated tests are available at without Dr. script.  Available 




DVD - Unlocking the Mystery of Wheat and Gluten Intolerance


Dr. Thomas O'Bryan, DC, CCN, DABCN, Naperville, Il (Chicago  area)


Sueson Vess, professional chef - June 17, 2006 seminar.


This heavily referenced, easy to follow research

overview is crucial to an understanding of the scope and

severity of gluten sensitivity.  References here  



 DVD available at:  






*This website has no financial interest in  products or services mentioned on this site.





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