Patient perspectives on Gluten Grain Intolerances and 

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History of Gluten Grain Intolerance

and other

important historical events and trends in health. 


The purpose of this page is not only to highlight the gluten story, but also other lesser known historical medical events, trends and research that may play into the gluten syndrome and/or health in general. As societal and particularly children's health becomes a puzzlingly disturbing issue in educated, technologically focused nations, some of these previously abandoned or ignored ideas have been dusted off and reexamined.


Interwoven are factors that some researchers believe may underlie or contribute to the gluten syndrome:

Cellular vs Germ theory - Germ theory favored drugs and processed food over health and wholeness.

Processed Food - Wheat and milk resemble each other molecularly and are significantly processed.

Toxins  - Toxins are fingered as the "big guns" in the gluten syndrome.

Fat trends - Fats handle toxins, affect gut cell membrane, help digest grains, and carry fat soluble vitamins.

Sugar/Carb/Yeast debate - Sugars and yeasts contribute to gut dysfunction and immune cross reactions.


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Ancient History - Early descriptions of digestive complaints

The 1800's - Cellular vs. Germ theory debate and Samuel Gee

1900's - 1950's  Degeneration Studies, Carbs vs Protein (Gluten) Debate

1960's - 2000  Industrialized fast food vs. Back to the Earth movement


2000 - Degeneration, toxins, GMO's, gluten awareness vs organic trends


List of celiac specialists in the US in 2003


List of Professionals who recognize non celiac gluten syndrome as

often serious and often autoimmune.


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