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Patient perspectives on gluten grain intolerances and sensitivities

including the celiac disease subset,

and the risks of gluten challenges for diagnostic purposes.


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Types of Medical Research and

the Validation Process


A. Learn the different types of research studies and the significance of each type for informed evaluation of their results.


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B. Understand the medical research validation process, its strengths and and its limitations.

The research process

1. Identify a need or reason for the study. Often it is a result of mounting anecdotal evidence.

2. Design the study in a non biased way using placebos, blind or double blind methods.

3. Obtain funds, find a researcher to do the work, and identify and recruit subjects to be studied.

4. Prepare a physical work location or manner of conducting the work..

5. Perform the experiment and/or collect the facts.

6.  Provide preliminary reports if appropriate, to alert professionals of possible changes ahead.

6. Conclude - Analyze and interpret data and form conclusions, which may vary from preliminary reports.

7. Report -Prepare a report detailing the all of the above.

8. Publish -Submit the report for publishing, (many reports are never published)

9. Review Other professionals analyze and publicly comment on the report in a peer review process.

10. Duplicate If research is repeated with convincingly similar results it is validated. This is an important step.

Hindrances to credible research conclusions

1.  Poor design or sloppy execution of the study.

2.  Small study size.

3.  Inaccurate foundational assumptions, or interpretive paradigms.

4.  Funding sources or conflicts of interest may influence raw data interpretation. Check who funded the study.



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